Remember, when all else fails, His love does not.

We can make a difference. 50% of sales from my store goes to raise funds for women and children who are oppressed, enslaved, exploited, and trafficked.

The funds I am raising go to provide vital services to women and children through Operation Mobilization’s Freedom Climb projects around the world. These projects help to break the cycles of poverty, shame, slavery, and despair through prevention, rescue, rehabilitation and development.

Will you help me? Give today! For more information on the projects, go to: I am participating in the Freedom Climb 2014 in South Africa. Thank you in advance for your support & prayers.    
1. the act of invoking divine protection or aid  2. the words or ceremony used for this 3. a short prayer of thanksgiving before or after a meal; grace  4. approval; good wishes her father gave his blessing to the marriage  5. the bestowal of a divine gift or favor  6. a happy event or state of affairs a blessing in disguise

Everything that comes from God is a blessing, we are filled with constant graces from God in every thing that happens in our lives. We are so blessed and thankful and want to share our blessings.

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